Foods that Boost Metabolism

Who doesn't want to boost their metabolism?   Adding these foods to your weekly meals will enhance calorie expenditure and promote weight loss/maintenance of a healthy weight.  

Almonds -  Monounsaturated fats lower insulin levels.   Also promotes satiety which will decrease intake.  

Artichokes -  Contains cyanarin, a compound that stimulates digestion, reduces blood glucose and enhances weight loss.  

Beans - Consumption will increase cholecystokinin, a digestive hormone that naturally suppresses appetite.  

Coffee  - Promotes fat oxidation and a short term increasing in metabolic rate. 

Grapefruits -  Decreases insulin levels.  Low insulin levels enable your body to process food at a quicker rate. 

Green Tea -  Contains the chemical EGCG that stimulates the nervous system and increases calorie expenditure. 

Salmon  -   High leptin levels are correlated with slow metabolism and weight gain.  Salmon consumption will lower leptin. 

 Yogurt - Regulates digestive tract and allows bacteria to process foods more efficiently.  Also contains calcium which is essential for weight loss.