Learning to eat right & take care of your body is a skill that takes motivation, effort & time. Once these changes are implemented, they will lead to life long practices of a healthier & happier life.

Allison Scheinfeld Nutrition helps clients achieve their nutrition & wellness goals through personalized one on one counseling. Allison assesses each client’s nutritional needs and works with them to set realistic goals. She will evaluate your overall health status, metabolic measures and lifestyle. Starting with your current diet, Allison uses a method of small changes that lead to big results. Allison will provide you with nutrition education about mindful eating, food purchasing, food preparation, planning and overall lifestyle change.

There is no doubt that real change takes commitment and time, but with a little endurance and motivation, huge strides are possible. Allison looks forward to accompanying each client on their own personal journey toward finding andmaintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.