Cashew Fudge

My love for nut butter runs deep. Though I enjoy all kinds, starting at a young age eating peanut butter directly out of the jar, my absolute favorite is cashew butter. It might be the best taste that I've ever experienced. If all of this nutty praise doesn't make you want to try some, how does some cashew fudge sound? It's a guilt-free, sugar-free dessert.

I can't believe I discovered this fudge so late in my nut butter game, but here it goes... 


3/4 cup creamy cashew butter

1 cup coconut oil 

1 teaspoon maca powder 

sprinkling of cinnamon 

Brands that I use & recommend

Brands that I use & recommend



1. Mix cashew butter and coconut oil in bowl

(you may want to heat up coconut oil if it's in solid form)

2. Add maca powder, mix well

3. Pour mixture into glass baking pan

4. Sprinkle cinnamon 

5. Freeze until solid, about 45 minutes

6. Cut into squares



  • You can  substitute the cashew butter with peanut, almond or sunflower seed butter
  • Maca powder is optional, but it's a superfood full of vitamin C.  It is also said to act as an aphrodisiac and can boost fertility
  • Coconut flakes, cacao powder, crumbled raw nuts or cinnamon can be sprinkled on top
  • Fudge will melt at room temperature, store in freezer