The Magic of Coconut Oil

When I first heard about putting coconut oil into coffee in the morning, I was skeptical. I thought that this "bulletproof coffee" fad that would soon leave our realm. So many fads pass through our brains every day. It is difficult to decipher which are true and which are bogus. 

I then started reading more about coconut oil and realized it was time to give it a chance. I first brewed drip coffee. Then, I added the coffee, 1 tablespoon of unrefined organic coconut oil and 1/4th cup of Califa Farms coconut milk into my Nutri bullet. Blend for 10 seconds. By blending the oil, it becomes more frothy and palatable, instead of a liquid, runny-like substance. After I drank the coconut coffee, my energy was through the roof. I went to the gym and ran like I've never ran before. I was hooked.

I now start every morning with coconut oil coffee. I also sometimes fry eggs, salmon or sauté vegetables with the coconut oil. I have already seen improvements in my overall well being and health in just 6 weeks. I've convinced my coworkers, clients, friends and 1 out of 2 sisters to try. Did I sell you, yet? If not, read on.

In short, coconut oil contains Medium Chained Triglycerides (MCTs), including Caprylic acid, Lauric acid & Carpic acid. Unlike other fats, these digest quickly, with a 3 step digestive process instead of a 26 step process like other fats. I like fast. Our liver converts the MCTs into energy and due to this, they aren't readily stored as fat on our body. The energy is USED. 


Remember Me

Our brain can use the MCTs from coconut oil without the usage of insulin. Studies have shown that coconut oil improves memory, cognition and recall ability, especially in aging subjects. 

Fuel Me

Many professional athletes use coconut oil to fuel for trainings and races. As mentioned earlier, the oil is directly converted to energy, allowing for sustained energy. It is recommended to have 1 tablespoon 30 minutes before exercise. I am not a professional athlete (surprise!), but I do see the benefits in my running, vinyasa yoga & barre class. 

The Good Gut

Coconut oil improves our gut health, by promoting "good bacteria" AND also by destroying "bad bacteria." Win, win. It also decreases our stomach acid, helping with ulcers and poor digestion. Studies have also shown it helps with IBS/IBD.

That Blood Sugar Stuff

MCT's help balance our bodies insulin reactions, by taking the strain & work away from the Pancreas. This means that our body can have a constant energy source without dipping into our insulin. This is ideal for Diabetics and anyone who suffers from insulin resistance. 

Belly Be Gone

We all hate our stubborn belly fat. Luckily, coconut oil is here to help. MCTs have an unique fat burning ability. Specifically, to burn our abdominal fat (which is also a sign & symptom of insulin resistance.) Not only does coconut oil burn fat, it also will help promote muscle growth. Again, win, win. 


We can't all stay and look young forever, as much as we all would like to. Coconut oil reduces liver stress, oxidative stress and supports detoxification. Combined, all of these all can slow down the process of aging. 


Consuming coconut oil has a positive effect of estrogen levels. It is especially recommended to consume during menopause, but will also help balance hormones of women who are of child-bearing ages. 

The list above contains just a FEW of the many health benefits. You also will have better skin, shinier hair, decreased inflammation of joints, etc. Just try it once in your coffee & let me know what you think!