Nutrition For Healthy Skin

Sometimes, annoying skin break-outs aren't left behind in our teenage years; they literally pop up now and then. This is due to a combination of our hormones, a possible gut bacteria imbalance, toxicity in our organs, and current diet.  If you're lucky enough to never experience a breakout, you are likely still concerned with developing wrinkles and the overall aging process.  

NYC-based Physician Assistant specializing in Dermatology Nicole Lyons, "I'm a firm believer in moderation and holding yourself accountable. I cannot say 'don't eat sugar or avoid dairy' because each person has their own trigger. My advice has always been to find what works for you & stick with it.  I stress getting adequate sleep, limiting alcohol, NO smoking, and avoiding the sun during peak hours."

Along with Nicole's advice, here is a nutritious list to follow and stick with for vibrant, clear skin:


Probiotics & Digest Gold

Probiotics help maintain the "good" bacteria in our gut. A lack of "good" bacteria in our gut can not only lead to acne but also many long term health problems. Yogurt does provide a fair amount but if you find your skin acting up frequently, try a probiotic supplement along with Digest Gold, an enzyme to help with gut absorption. Both probiotics and Digest Gold can be found at any health supplement store. 



My father refers to this root as "Dandy."  Dandy will help detoxify our liver & kidneys.  If you find the taste of dandelion too bitter as a salad, you can sauté with garlic & oil, try the supplement form, or combine with sweet fruits in a cold pressed juice.



Everyone loves berries!  Here is another reason: they have a detoxifying effect due to the high levels of anti-oxidants, which protect us from the over-production of free radicals (that cause damage to our DNA). Add berries to smoothies, yogurt and salads for maximum benefits.



This root vegetable aids in digestion and flushes out toxins. Fennel has also been found to strengthen hair. If the licorice taste isn't for you, try roasting with spices or brew a fennel tea. 



This herb contains allicin, a naturally occurring chemical that kills harmful bacteria & viruses that cause acne. 


Sweet potato

The stress hormone cortisol is directly correlated with breakouts. To keep cortisol at bay, blood sugar should be stabilized. Sweet potatoes contain complex carbohydrates & fiber which help avoid blood sugar fluctuations. This delicious potato also contains beta-carotene which improves circulation of oxygen to our skin. 


Stinging Nettle Tea

Nettles exhibit an anti-inflammatory effect that will aid in calming the skin, known to improve both eczema and acne. They contain anti-oxidants similar to our berry friends.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C deficiency was first discovered by sailors during the 15th century while on long sea voyages where fresh fruit wasn't available. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen, the structural support for your skin.  As we age, collagen and our skin's elasticity declines and as a result we develop wrinkles and sometimes even sagging. Popular sources of C are citrus fruits, watermelon, papaya, strawberry, cantaloupe, kiwi, pineapple. The South American berry supplement camu camu is often sold in pill or powder form--due to it's sour taste--but it is the highest known source of vitamin C.  



Tomatoes are not only a great source for Vitamin C, but also contain lycopene which stimulates skin circulation.



Everywhere I look I see "avocado toasts."  This trendy fruit is full of vitamins C & E.  The vitamin E content will boost the skin's vitality.  Vitamin E also prevents UV damage from the sun. You can also try topical avocado oil to stimulate collagen growth. 



This is an obvious one but possibly the most important on this list.  We need water for life, moisture & to flush out toxins.  End of story.