Macro Plate

Lately, all I want to eat is Macro Plates.  I'm on a kick, and if you know me, when I like something, I really like something. 

The term Macrobiotic comes from the Greek language, "macro" means great and "bios" means life.  The application of the Macrobiotic lifestyle and diet has an emphasis on learning to live within the natural order of life which IS the constant changing nature of it.  

My latest plates. 

My latest plates. 

The staple of the diet, The Macro Plate comes to us from Japan cuisine and is a perfect balance of foods that are both yin & yang.  Yin foods are expansive, moist, cooling , while yang foods are contractive, warming and dry. It is believed that the balance of the two are the basis for maintaing good health.  

The plate is made up of large portions of:

  • complex carbohydrates (quinoa, millet, brown rice, soba noodles)
  • beans
  • green & root vegetables
  • sea vegetables
  • vegetable protein (usually tofu)

I recommend eating in this style to promote satiety AND weight maintenance. After eating a plate, I definitely feel full, but, still like I can walk a few miles. I never look to snack after eating a plate, as I usually would do after eating different meals. 

You can easily make a macro plate for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I recommend Souen in downtown Manhattan, Bliss/Bliss Grand in Williamsburg, Blossom in Chelsea, Candle Cafe on the Upper East/West Side, Peace Foods Cafe on the Upper West Side and Sun in Bloom in Park Slope for amazing, satisfying plates.