Alcohol, Cheese...

Life is short and depriving yourself is not a way to live.  On the opposite end, excess is also not recommended.  Being experienced on both ends of the spectrum, I have learned a balance between none and all.  

 When trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight it is important to still be able to indulge without overdoing it.  


Best options for Alcohol

Blue Moon 159 kcal, 12.5 gm carb

Corona Light 109 kcal, 5 gm carb   

Guinness 158 kcal, 13.7 gm carb 

Prosecco  69 kcal, 2 gm carb

Vodka with club soda 64 kcal, 0 gm carb per ounce


 Best options for Cheese 

Low sodium Cottage 20 kcal, 3 gm protein, 0 gm fat, 1 gm carb per ounce

Part Skim Mozzerella 71 kcal, 7 gm protein, 4 gm fat, 1 gm carb per ounce

Part Skim Ricotta  39 kcal, 3 gm protein, 2 gm fat, 1 gm carb per ounce

Swiss 106 kcal, 8 gm protein,  8 gm fat, 2gm carb per slice

 (Try to get low sodium, low fat when available.)


Best options for Chocolate 

Chocolate frozen yogurt 226 kcal per cup

Cacao powder (sprinkled on Greek yogurt or fruit) 60 kcal per 2.5 teaspoons

"Enjoy Life" Cocoa Loco Bar 110 kcal per bar

"Skinny Cow" Fudge bar 100 kcal per bar 

 (Avoid chocolate candy bars, anything "filled.")